one time my girlfriend texted me this blurry picture of a thermometer and there was a second where i had a heart attack because i thought it was a pregnancy test but then i came to the realization that we’re lesbians

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If you love Disney, you must follow this blog!


uh what was going on 




no wonder he needed his inhaler calm down styles


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Harry with spencerfos (15.06.2014)

Harry with spencerfos (15.06.2014)

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"We’re playing rugby in the hotel, haha."

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i have no idea why you do this luke but i like it and it’s cute and dont you have any other pairs of shoes??

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my worst fear is looking bad in a photo with a celebrity

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Harry doing nothing, but breaking my heart anyway (x)

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  • fall: ugh I can't wait for summer
  • winter: ugh I can't wait for summer
  • spring: ugh I can't wait for summer
  • summer: wtf is this

ok no one is allowed to reblog this but after i had sex first time i went downstairs and talked to the girls grandma for 15 minutes about the economy

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